Whatsapp web simplified on NGSPEEDSMS

Whatsapp web enables you to use Whatsapp to reach a million customers as you use Whatsapp business on NGSPEEDSMS with this marketing software you will keep your customers engaged and loyal to your brand, Whatsapp web simplified on NGSPEEDSMS, to enable you to use Whatsapp business for marketing your products or services.

A business account will be created for free now, to enable you to reach your prospective customers all the time.

Do you have an existing customer phone numbers database? Your customers will soon be receiving your messages now

It works whether they have your phone number or not they will receive your message each time you send it

But if you don't have an existing customers phone numbers database, you can buy from us now your prospective customer phone numbers, check the detailed guide now on the Nigeria phone number lookup page but if you have a million customers' phone numbers database, you may not wish to buy more

However to increase your customers' phone numbers database you should buy more, as it will boost your business results COVID-19 Economic recovery which we talk about often.

NGSPEEDSMS is not used for business only but for political campaigns also, politicians use it to achieve their political goals also they use it to send SMS to their target audience

In today's dynamic marketplace, people use Whatsapp business for marketing and promoting their businesses, and getting new customers 

How do you go about using Whatsapp in your business?

Before you begin to use Whatsapp in your business, make sure you create a strategy. You can't ignore the fact that customers move constantly between companies and brands in today's dynamic marketplace

With Whatsapp, you can keep your customers engaged and loyal to your brand

How can Whatsapp business help your business grow?

A Whatsapp business account will be created to take your business to the next level, do you have a plan for your business growth? It is said that whatever you don't have a plan for will not happen

Sure! Whatever you don't have a plan for, you shouldn't expect it to happen in your business, nor will it happen by mere wishing without a definite plan.

A business without an advert lacks new customers because the advert is the soul of business, today many businessmen and women are actively advertising their business

Ask Mr. Aliu Dangote the richest man in Africa what did you see in the advert? This businessman advertises on CNN International and others not to mention a few, MTN Nigeria is still adverting its brand now despite its huge customer always sending bulk SMS to their customer's mobile phones.

SMS our price of N1 per unit makes our services outstanding from others not to talk about our delivery rate which is a %100 you can try it and you will love our service

For the promotion of business, we provide an open marketing and customer information channel that is authenticated and monitored.

It is said that the world is a global village, think about this global network, with two billion-plus users worldwide, its user in your village is connected to a subscriber in New York the city that never sleeps, also its user in your local area is connected to a subscriber in the city of London.

What can we talk about more about this global network? But to tell you this enough is enough to remove your business from COVID-19 setbacks as you use this global network, to take this opportunity to advertise your products or services around the world

Now make a budget for it, place your banners and videos of your business, and advertise on the millions of prospective customers' mobile phones, and you will have a permanent huge benefit in your business.

NGSPEEDSMS is your partner in progress, our goal is to make your marketing as cheap and efficient as possible for you. You can call us now at 2349077735199, or send us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for the details.

NGSPEEDSMS is in one marketing platform available today, for your business promotion, use it to take your business to the next level

Videos, photos, documents, and other attachment files can be sent to your customers also.

You can include images and videos, and add as many characters as you want to make your messages more meaningful

* keeping customers informed about upcoming events

* making announcements on new products launched

* promoting products by sharing offers and discounts

* sharing order updates with customers and keeping them informed at all times

By sending personalized messages to customers, your brand will be perceived as being reliable and trustworthy

 Here are some of our most successful sectors for using our services for customer acquisitions or other purposes, 

* Banks 

* Churches

* Hotels

* Hospitals

* Schools

Government establishments

These are the most common sectors. You can also use these services to directly market your existing or potential customers

There is no restriction to the number of customers who can receive your messages, you can send bulk messages to all your customers irrespective of whether they are existing customers or new ones, regardless of whether they have saved your number on their mobile phones.