Schedule a text message

Do you know with our message service you can schedule a message to be delivered to the recipients?

Effortlessly on your side

Learn how to schedule a text message now

Let me tell you always use your sender IDs in capital letters only, if not your desired recipients will not get your message.

Do you work on several applications at a time?

You could be a professional accountant, a school headteacher, or a church administrator, whichever career work you do, you have the experience and we have the tools.

These tools aid your work!

You can send multiply SMS alerts to different customers at a time with different messages. Also

Schedule your single message to deliver at multiple times (unlimited scheduling)

Let's assume you are a school headteacher, parent a has sum payment balance to your school, parent b has already paid completely and you want to send an SMS notification to parent b for acknowledgment.

 Use this wonderful feature to reach your school parents instantly; after you have logged in to your text message account, look at the left side and click Compose Multiple SMS.

Compose multiple SMS to multiple recipients from excel (Useful for schools, microfinance banks, and large organizations) Over 47 robust features of this powerful website.

 Another great feature;

Schedule your messages.

You can schedule your messages daily, weekly, monthly, etc.

Ensure you have enough units to deliver your messages to the recipients.

To get started after you have composed your message

(1) Click Send later

(2) Specify delivery date; day, month, year, click and set your time

You can add another date if you want it delivered many times or you click

Send SMS

And Ok

Click Ok your message has been scheduled for …

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