How to create a bulk SMS account

How to create a bulk SMS account following these simple sign-up steps look up and click the sign-up form also check out our detailed guide. Bulk SMS is a reliable marketing tool use these two simple steps; step 1 Lookup and click the sign-up form fill in the required field, use a valid Email, and note your Email and password for the sign-up.

Note that the password must not be less than eight characters if not you can not sign up. Proceed now by typing your name or company name, email, phone number, country, and password, retyping your password, and proceeding, you have made it.

You can also create an account on your mobile phone, first, you will see two menus on your handset, on top and below. Touch the menu below to see the new sign-up form, click it. fill in the required field, use a valid Email, and note your Email and password for the sign-up.

When signing up keep in mind that the password must not be less than eight characters, if not you can not sign up and use NGSPEEDSMS to sign up and send SMS messages. Proceed now type your name or company name, email, phone number, country, and password, retype your password, and proceed wow you have made it.

What is next? After Signing Up kindly log in to the email you used and check a new message in your inbox for verification that you are not a robot but a millionaire in making first before you could use this next-generation platform. NGSPEEDSMS is the only 4G SMS in Nigeria.

Take note Email inbox has 5 sections (Primary, Social, Promotions, Updates, Forums, and Spam Folder) but you will see your NGSPEEDSMS verification link in the promotions section, in the spam folder, the verification link is just the confirmation that you have successfully signed up, without the verification, you cannot send a message, Unicode message, voice message, WhatsApp, multimedia, flash message, video, and other services even see our fine dashboard which many admires.

When signing up avoid a mistake please keep in mind that this new form is 2 in 1 the SIGN-UP and SIGN-IN. Type or copy your email and password paste it and sign in. Now that you have signed in, please take a look and click Send Message, next type your sender ID, next type or copy and paste a comma-separated list of your recipient phone numbers all in an international format your country code without a plus + eg 2349077735199, next Message type it or copy and paste it, next click Send and ok.

Kindly use SOLAR for your sender ID for testing purposes. This sender ID SOLAR delivers your message if you have not funded your wallet yet. But after funding your wallet, there is no need to use SOLAR again, use your sender ID always to send a message to all GSM networks in Nigeria. You have the right tool to take marketing to the next level now. We love Excel, do you work with Excel? check out our detailed guide on scheduling a text message page for the details.

Avoid a mistake separate each receipt number from a coma and send your messages. Always use international format on all your customer numbers, don't use 080 format again, use international format always Nigeria's phone number starts with 234 remove the first 0 and replace it with 234 USA 1 UK 44 Australia 61 Don't add a plus + always remember to avoid a mistake. 

Now you know how to sign up and send SMS bulk after creating an SMS in Nigeria account You are welcome on board to take your business to the next level because NGSPEEDSMS will not let you down, start now to reach a million customers of your target audience.

Register for free now and use NGSPEEDSMS irrespective of where you are in any part of the world this next-generation SMS bulk is a reliable tool for marketing your product and services worldwide. We are glad to tell you that you can reach customers that speak Arabic and Hindi apart from English. Customers in the Middle East, North Africa, and other Asia countries can use this next-generation platform. Before you sign in look up and select your preferred language.

Amazing you can now reach a million customers because you have the marketing tool now. Did you know that with SMS bulk, you can achieve great success in business? Use NGSPEEEDSMS to accomplish a lot. check out our detailed guide on scheduling a message for professionals and career workers.

Remember your message should be the information about your products or services that you want your target audience to receive about your business and always remember to change the default sender ID SOLAR with your preferred sender ID  after typing your message click Send and OK.

You can even schedule your message to be delivered multiple times if you don't have time to come back and resend it. Yours is to schedule Ours is to deliver, see your message on your handset at your scheduled time, that is it. Use online payment to buy an SMS unit, your SMS gateway is open to deliver messages in your name or business name. 

Sign up for others after creating it, just send the email and password to them, to encourage them to use NGSPEEDSMS and it won't let them down, we are one of the best SMS providers in Nigeria. You can also schedule your messages using our system. Now is the time to reach new customers as you take your products or services to them, check out the detailed guide on Nigeria phone number lookup