How to create a bulk SMS account and how to send SMS you can create an NGSPEEDSMS account just following these simple steps: Look up and click SIGN UP check out our detailed guide below

(1) How to register for bulk SMS, or how to create bulk SMS you can create an NGSPEEDSMS account now just following these simple steps: Look up and click SIGN UP FORM and User Registration fill the required field, (use a valid email and note your username and password) "Captcha" tick I'm not a robot, Click and select all the images with ... and click Verify and next Register

(2) Congrats, your bulk SMS account is created, kindly go to the Email you used for creating your text message account to complete it. Take note Email inbox has 5 sections (Primary, Social, Promotions, Updates, Forums, and Spam Folder) but you will see your NGSPEEDSMS activation link in the promotions section sometimes in the spam folder, just click the activation link, and you would be taken to a new page and you would see ebulksms and bulk SMS logo

(3) Copy your username and password paste it and log in now

(4) Now you have logged in, look at your left side SMS GATEWAY FEATURES click SEND SMS

to  Complete your profile

just type your phone number, sender ID and click submit

(5) Read welcome message Activation was successful

Great you have known how to create an SMS account in Nigeria

SMS how to send, or how to send bulk SMS

You are welcome on board to take your business to the next level because NGSPEEDSMS will not let you down, start now to reach a million customers of your target audience

(6) Now use it by sending your bulk SMS free, look at the page you are on now, click SEND SMS

Now you are seeing 3 boxes (1) Sender ID type SOLAR in capital letters (2) Recipients type your phone number but start with your country code and don't add a plus sign +

(3) Type a message Now type your message (the information about your products and services you want your target audience to receive about your business)

After typing your message click Send SMS and ok. See your message on your phone. Wow, that is it!

After first buying SMS UNITS your SMS gateway is open to deliver messages in your name or business name.

Create a bulk SMS account, now that you have created it and you are ready for business what is the next?

Speedsms will not let you down, it is time for your business promotion, check out our detailed guide on generating phone numbers or Nigeria phone number lookup

(6) For those that are marketing their products and services or targeting a million customers. You can also schedule your messages using our system.

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