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Bulk SMS is the system of sending huge volumes of SMS messages to mobile phones of customers in an area. Bulk SMS also referred to as Bulk Messaging, SMS marketing services, or Text message marketing enables businesses of all sizes to deliver huge volumes of SMS messages to various mobile phones across various mobile networks. If it is utilized properly by the businesses, Bulk SMS service can also help in delivering a perfect business pitch. 

Bulk SMS is an extremely important marketing channel that has become an integral part of every mobile marketing strategy that has made it possible for businesses to achieve their set goals.

It is a fact that we all are now dependent on mobile phones, and so mobile-oriented marketing has gained a significant role in every strategic marketing planning. Mobile marketing is essential for every business that aims to captivate the attention of its customers and maintain an edge in the competitive market.



SMS marketing is the heart of mobile marketing

In the field of the SMS Africa market, mobile marketing through SMS has always proved to be effective as a marketing and sales tool. The SMS marketing services have a High Readability rate of 97% which is unparalleled to any other marketing tool. Our marketing service NGSPEEDSMS, as the Cheapest bulk SMS in Nigeria, provides you the most affordable way to deliver your business message to your potential and existing customers.

It is true that with the advancement in mobile technology, there have emerged many new-age solutions, but it still doesn’t prove to be as efficient as a simple SMS. Studies have shown that the SMS delivered to the phones have an astonishing 98% open rate within 3 minutes. Despite all the advancements, when it comes to Bulk SMS service, they have an unmatched success rate for attracting customers.


Bulk SMS will strengthen customer-brand relationships

For the Bulk SMS Nigeria market, our NGSPEEDSMS services will provide you an open marketing and customer-information channel. Bulk SMS is fast and cost-effective and builds a constant touch with your customers which they appreciate and value.

NGSPEEDSMS Bulk SMS delivery system delivers scalable results to the businesses and that is why it proves to extremely helpful for those looking to expand and promote their brand.  This scalable opportunity works even more for new entrepreneurs, start-ups, and small businesses to spread and communicate the right prospects while their customers are in the middle of a complex purchase process. Bulk SMS delivery system also creates enormous opportunities for businesses looking specifically to gain from a strategic well-targeted exposure of their potential leads. Our Bulk SMS in Nigeria lets our clients send mass text messages domestically and globally. That is the reason why our Bulk SMS free app is one of the best solutions for businesses in Nigeria aiming to reach a specific base of customers, nationally or internationally.

Bulk SMS services are preferred for: 

  • Collecting payments
  • Offers, discounts and sale alerts
  • Service notifications
  • Emergency updates
  • Mass SMS-advertising
  • Reminders
  • Product information and promotion
  • News
  • Sending notifications
  • SMS Alerts
  • All sorts of informative text messages

Who do we provide services from our Bulk SMS site?

Our Bulk SMS Services are mostly used by: 

  • Consumer brands
  • Enterprises
  • Micro Finance Banks
  • Media outlets
  • Transport Companies
  • Travel agencies
  • Hospitals
  • Retailers
  • Schools
  • Clubs
  • Town Hall Meetings
  • Social Gatherings
  • Churches

And many big companies and organizations


Why is our Best Bulk SMS site in Nigeria popular with all the businesses?

As the Bulk SMS providers in Nigeria, our bigger clients have an extensive base of customers and potential leads that need to be catered to at once with relevant information. They have been using our services to Send bulk SMS for reminders, alerts, or news, as these businesses need an affordable and efficient way to rapidly deliver the information to their target customers.  But NGSPEEDSMS Bulk messaging service is not limited to the big enterprises.

Small companies and start-ups are also using our Bulk SMS service in Nigeria. Although email marketing is supposedly being used to reach people, the truth is that only a small fraction of these emails are read by the receivers. That is where our Cheap bulk SMS marketing comes to the rescue.  As our messages are delivered directly delivered to the customers across all networks, and they don’t require Internet service to read, our services have a high success rate for the businesses. As we have mentioned earlier that it is estimated that 98% of SMSs are opened and read proves our point that our services are the best in the market and will have a guaranteed success rate in engaging your customers.

Our Bulk SMS app should be regarded as an exciting and additional business offer that can boost your sales and revenue because it allows you to reach customers at their convenience and with the most crucial information or service they might be expecting from you. You can utilize our services to push your potential leads through the sales funnel to enable conversions or even attract small engagements from them, customized by the format of your Bulk SMS to conveniently reach your business goals.

Our Bulk SMS app can help you in organizing enticing mobile marketing campaigns that can not only increase your revenue but also attract new customers and retain their loyalty.

You can also create interesting games or contests, voting campaigns, or feedback sessions with the help of our Bulk SMS app. Engaging customers through these marketing campaigns will enhance your brand reach and help you advertise yourself excessively in all the areas that you want to.



How can your business utilize NGSPEEDSMS Bulk SMS services?

How to send bulk SMS? To start with, you can use our services in the following basic ways to add value while promoting and advertising your brand amongst the customers:

Send Bulk SMS reminders and alerts: In this dynamic world, your customers are always on the move and with our Free bulk SMS, you can provide them quick and reliable alerts and reminders about your business so that you can maintain a positive and caring image of your brand.

SMS marketing boosts sales and revenue – You can inform your existing and new customers about the new products and services directly through SMS and increase the conversion rate.

Keep customers updated – With our service, you can Send bulk SMS free to keep in touch with your loyal customers and make them feel valued to maintain their loyalty towards you in this competitive market.

Send crucial information – If there is a possibility of a customer’s service issue that can hamper your relationship with your clients, you can immediately let them know about the issue and help them out to avoid any inconveniences. Your customers will value your active approach as this information will be helpful and prevent misunderstandings.


Benefits of NGSPEEDSMS Bulk SMS service:

High readability: As we have mentioned before, with our Bulk SMS sender, you will get high open and read rates. It is estimated that close to 98% of recipients open and read the text messages within the 3 minutes of its delivery.

Bulk SMS Sending during this fast-moving world, every business wants to deal with their target customers during a matter of minutes and achieve desired goals. Bulk SMS can be scheduled at any time of the day as per your convenience and can even be used to enhance sales of specific items on specific days to take care of new product additions or extra stock in inventory.

Bulk SMS High ROI and cost-effective: Alternative modes of promotions (TV commercials, newspaper ads, and other outdoor advertising) can turn out to be quite expensive for small businesses. But once you subscribe to our services, our Free bulk SMS in Nigeria will be cheaper than them and have more access to guaranteed views.

Attract new customers and maintain the loyalty of existing ones: Our Bulk SMS service will help you in focusing on interested audiences. SMS marketing is availed after the customer's permission with the opt-in and opt-out facility. With this permission, you can constantly be in touch with them, make them aware of new offers to help them to buy additional products or services, or send reminders to them about what they have purchased from you to get their feedback. It is a great way to strengthen your relationship with them.



Some tips while using NGSPEEDSMS Bulk SMS service:

  1. Keep it short and to-the-point:

Keep your message within the limit of 160 characters. Exceeding the limit might fragment your messages when they are delivered to customers using old phones. People read shorter messages with focus and are more likely to read till the end.

  1. Promote your business name:

Use our best Bulk SMS in Nigeria and add your business name in the text to develop trust in your recipients and help them know it’s not spamming from an unknown sender. It also a professional way and enhances your brand visibility.

  1. Personalize your messages:

Rather than sounding impersonal and rude, you can personalize your texts utilizing databases of customers available and create a personalized message to gain the attention of your customers so they know you are familiar with them and this will increase your conversion possibility.

  1. Include a branded link:

With a limit of 160 characters, it is essential to use a branded link and customize it to drive clicks from the recipients. This will allow your customers to visit your site and get more information about products and services in detail.


Why use Bulk SMS in Nigeria-NGSPEEDSMS for your business?

Bulk SMS messages are the fastest and cost-effective way to reach your customers. According to a survey, 9 out of 10 people open a text message within three minutes of receiving them. Bulk SMS marketing is a valuable and essential part of every marketing strategy. Therefore, being a leading network in Nigeria, we provide an SMS-enable system in Nigeria that facilitates international two-way messaging and more.

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