Mistakes to be avoided while sending bulk SMS


“Are your Bulk SMS Marketing campaigns  not getting your desired results?”

If  Yes, then probably you are making some mistakes while running your SMS marketing campaign. Read on to find more about the mistakes and how to avoid them.


(1) If you are uploading or copying phone numbers from Microsoft word, notepad, etc. ensure all are in the same format don't join 080 and 234 it is better you make all 080 or 234 formats because if you make this mistake some will deliver and some will fail to deliver.

(2) And if you are sending an SMS to any part of the world outside Nigeria kindly use that country code and Nigeria code formats example 2349077735199,19739103361 Nigeria 234 USA 1 Papua New Guinea 675 and don't add + use their country code only and remember to separate each phone number with a comma sign, not a full stop.

(3) Ensure your message is in plain English and avoid these signs %'': $ # = & _ @ but use a comma and full stop signs only. Don't use @ sign it is better you use At. Because these signs conflict with SMS Gateways of your Networks which often fails to deliver your messages to the recipients.

(4) Your message should not contain any of these words e.g. Raffle, Yellow, Wow, Promotional, Congrats/congratulation, Promotion/promo, you win/won Also note that some networks in America, Europe, Asia, Latin America, Pacific, and Africa will not deliver your SMS messages to the recipients' because of failure to adhere to the rules and regulations.


Info Nigeria Telecom Operators.