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How to create an SMS account, if you use your mobile phone, first of all, you will see two menus on your phone, on top and below. Touch the menu below to see the sign-up form new, just click it. fill in the required field, and note your Email and password for the creation of your Speedsms account.

Note that the password must not be less than eight characters, if not you can not sign up. Proceed now type your name or company name, phone number, country, and password, retype your password, and click Create an account, wow you have made it.

How to send an SMS Alert, you can create an SMS account for the best SMS units in Nigeria, just following these 2 simple steps (1) lookup click the NEW SIGN UP FORM, and user registration fill in the required field for bulksmsnigeria

 Use a valid Email and note your password for the creation of your Speed SMS account Please Read More

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What is covid 19 Economic recoveries set in place via SPEEDSMS services this question would be a thing of the past in the minds of people.

COVID 19 Economic recoveries what is COVID 19 Economic recovery? Digital marketing and networking are the keys to COVID 19 Economic recovery

We are all well aware of the dangers COVID-19 poses to the global economy. It killed thousands of Nigerians and left millions of Nigerians in poverty.

Dear partner in progress, COVID-19 will not kill your business. Instead, go for COVID-19 Economic recovery to pursue your goals and reach your business goals

It is now time to think about the COVID-19 Economic recovery that your business needs, and how you can get a million customers Please

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What is covid 19

Web Development Company

Web development company in Lagos

Web development by a web designer that uses Speedsms web design studio that designs best spoke websites for a client web development company in Nigeria

Web development and free web hosting use Speed SMS web design & development service today, and take your product and services to the world as we design a bespoke website for your business today, that matches your unique requirements.

Over 3.4 billion people across the globe have access to the World Wide Web. Ignoring this vast number will make your business no profit. So, rather than thinking of being on the web, hire a Web development Agency service today, that will help you get a website strategically designed to generate profits for your business. Please Read More 

Web development company

Bulk SMS Nigeria NGSPEEDSMS Service

Bulk SMS Nigeria NGSPEEDSMS Service maintains the lowest price of sending bulk messages at N2 only enabling you to reach a million customers easily making it the best marketing platform that provides a good return on investment. The best bulk SMS Company in Nigeria provides a million customers to businesses SMS bulk and also allows you to send large volumes of messages directly through your mobile phone to your targeted audience

Services such as SMS marketing allow businesses to expand their reach and ensure that they are using SMS messages to make a profit. SMS is used to send a reminder of a certain brand or product. They also notify niche audiences about special offers or price cuts.

It is possible to notify your customer via SMS Smart solution to participate in the boom in this market. These mobile marketing strategies have made it possible to expand both businesses and customer bases. Because many hugely depend on their mobile devices, regardless of whether they are mobile phones or tablets. This makes it very feasible for businesses to send SMS and use the Nigeria phone number lookup to get a niche audience. To send messages to niche audiences and to network and sell your products 

Marketers are adopting an SMS marketing strategy; sending messages is best because your target audience receives it on their mobile phones. It creates more awareness of your brand and results in more sales.

Businesses that use SMS experience robust growth. Recently several marketing services were started from scratch. They are available to service large businesses and fast-growing enterprises. Companies with great potential, require a large customer database quickly.SMS messages are unique because they can be read and understood by 97% of people. Our message service offers the best SMS messaging service for businesses.

SMS marketing has also proved to be a great benefit to clients. Several marketers have used this best platform to schedule bulk messages that will be delivered later. 

NGSPEEDSMS offers the best marketing services Apart from the language before you sign in look and select your preferred language. SMS marketing services boast a 97% readability rating and a 98% opening rate within three minutes of the customer receiving the message. The popularity of NGSPEEDSMS messaging has exploded in recent times. We can attribute this to the positive results it brings to struggling and growing companies.

We offer an open marketing channel and customer information channel, which is available and monitored for bulk services. We aim to make your marketing as affordable and efficient as possible. The market is flooded with opportunities for scale. Every marketer can use our service to reach its targeted audience.

SMS marketing register for free now and buy SMS Units our price remains N1 only. A carefully planned SMS marketing is the best choice if you have identified potential leads. Send free SMS without registration.  

Check out our detailed guide on how to use NGSPEEDSMSSend 1000 SMS at a time free online and take your marketing to the next level. Here are some areas where SMS is most effective for marketing;
  • Special, discounts, and sale alerts
  • Product information and promotion

And if your revenue is affected by the covid 19 setback you shouldn't ask what is covid 19 You will surely remove it from covid 19 setbacks as you use our services. Bulk WhatsApp service in Nigeria check it out for the details now. SMS how can they help?

SMS gateway is available to all market segments that deal directly with sales and buyers. Companies and brands that want to expand their customer base or increase their market reach will be able to use our speed SMS for free

Here are some of our most successful sectors for using our services for customer acquisition or other purposes,

These are the most common sectors. You can also use these services to directly market to your existing or potential customers. Why is our service better for sending SMS messages?

We are a trusted SMS provider. We have both experience and a customer base. They have worked with us before and have brought businesses to us that were struggling to get revenue. They have seen an increase in their revenue after using our services.

They have been using NGSPEEDSMS to reach their friends and send them news, reminders, and personalized alerts via a schedule. We can provide the same results to small companies It is because small companies use paid ads as their main strategy.

This is why SMS marketing is so popular. One problem with emailing potential buyers is that they rarely get the email. Even if customers receive emails, they don't usually open them. Buyers also rarely engage with the content. This results in low leads, and sales via email marketing.

You can rest assured that your buyers will be able to fix any problems quickly with NGSPEEDSMS. Networks will ensure that your SMS content gets to all buyers, regardless of their service provider. This makes the sender ID very important for bulk message delivery.

Speedsms addresses another issue. SMS marketing is a way to make buyers connect to the content and build relationships with the brand. Unfortunately, the Internet is not available in a developing country regularly. SMS Nigeria allows you to drive your customers quickly through the sales funnel. You need to provide the necessary information for your customers to be able to engage with your brand.

Send an SMS to buyers to remind them about a sale or price cut on some of its products a few weeks before they make the purchase. This encourages buyers to take action on the price cut. SMS can be used to send messages and make your prospects want to stay connected with you.

You can launch different products with NGSPEEDSMS. Then, before you make it available to the public, you can spread the buzz about the products. How do you go about using this platform?

Before you begin to use this platform, make sure you have a strategy. You can't ignore that buyers move constantly between companies and brands in today's dynamic marketplace. With our service, you can keep your customers engaged and loyal to your brand.

Engaging with them through quizzes and offers such as cashback or discounts can keep them involved. Your Company can send various SMS alerts and reminders to remind them about major events or sales. This will help maintain a positive outlook and care toward your product. 

Information about products or services can be sent via Speed SMS. You can trust their discretion if you make an effort to send customers important information via SMS 

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