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Bulk SMS Marketing

Bulk SMS marketing - Learn how NGSPEEDSMS employ it to make your business a success!

Communication is vital for any business. And a survey proved the fact that

BULK SMS Marketing has a High Readability rate of 97%. But still, it is crucial to figure out which method works best for your business. 

There are many ways with their list of pros and cons, such as email, SMS, communicating via social media channels. But there is one method that has consistently been used and, i.e., Bulk SMS Marketing.


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 Kindly use SOLAR for your sender name for testing purposes after you have created your Bulk SMS account. SOLAR is your sender's name because your Bulk SMS account has a restriction. After first funding your Bulk SMS account, the restriction is removed, your account is activated to use any sender name of your choice including your business name.


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